Best BJJ Clothing Brands – Top Picks for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gear


Best BJJ Clothing Brands – Top Picks for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gear

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing BJJ Clothing
  • Top 10 BJJ Clothing Brands
  • 3.1 Bravo BJJ
  • 3.2 Tatami Fightwear
  • 3.3 Scramble
  • 3.4 Venum
  • 3.5 FUJI Sports
  • 3.6 Hayabusa
  • 3.7 Gameness
  • 3.8 RVCA
  • 3.9 CTRL Industries
  • 3.10 Hyperfly
  • FAQs about BJJ Clothing
  • Conclusion


For practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), clothing is more than just attire; it’s a vital component of their training and competition arsenal. The right BJJ clothing can enhance performance, provide comfort, and even boost confidence on the mat. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of BJJ clothing, exploring the top brands, essential factors to consider when choosing attire, and answering common questions to help practitioners make informed decisions about their training gear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing BJJ Clothing:

Selecting the ideal BJJ clothing involves considering various factors to ensure optimal performance and comfort during training sessions and competitions. One critical factor is material quality. High-quality fabrics such as cotton or polyester blends offer durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, essential for withstanding the rigors of BJJ training. Moreover, the fit and comfort of the clothing play a pivotal role in a practitioner’s performance. Apparel should allow for unrestricted movement and flexibility while providing a snug yet comfortable fit. Design and style are also significant considerations, as practitioners often seek attire that reflects their personal style preferences while adhering to competition regulations. Lastly, durability is paramount, with reinforced stitching and construction ensuring longevity and resilience against the demands of grappling and intense workouts.

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Top 10 BJJ Clothing Brands:

  1. Bravo BJJ: Established in 2011, Bravo BJJ has risen to prominence for its commitment to producing top-quality Gis and apparel tailored specifically for BJJ enthusiasts. Their innovative designs, coupled with durable construction, have garnered widespread acclaim among practitioners worldwide. Bravo BJJ’ product range spans a variety of styles, catering to both casual practitioners and competitive athletes alike.
  2. Tatami Fightwear: Since its inception in 2009, Tatami Fightwear has been synonymous with stylish and high-performance BJJ clothing. Offering a comprehensive selection of Gis, rash guards, and spats, Tatami Fightwear blends functionality with fashion, catering to the diverse needs of practitioners. Their commitment to quality and innovation has solidified their position as a leading brand in the BJJ community. 
  3. Scramble: Founded in 2009, Scramble has earned a reputation for its quality craftsmanship and distinctive designs inspired by Japanese culture and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From Gis to rash guards and accessories, Scramble’s product lineup exudes functionality and style, making them a preferred choice among practitioners seeking both performance and aesthetics. 
  4. Venum: Renowned for its innovative designs and high-performance gear, Venum stands out as a prominent brand in the combat sports industry. With a diverse range of clothing for BJJ practitioners, including Gis, rash guards, shorts, and accessories, Venum prioritizes durability and functionality, ensuring its products withstand the toughest training sessions.
  5. FUJI Sports: With a rich heritage dating back to 1969, FUJI Sports has established itself as a trusted name in martial arts apparel. FUJI’s BJJ clothing combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, delivering unmatched comfort and durability. Whether it’s Gis, rash guards, or training gear, FUJI Sports remains a go-to choice for practitioners seeking quality and reliability. 
  6. Hayabusa: Since its inception in 2006, Hayabusa has been at the forefront of innovation in combat sports apparel. Known for its cutting-edge designs and high-performance gear, Hayabusa offers a range of BJJ clothing engineered for comfort, mobility, and durability. From Gis to rash guards, Hayabusa’s products cater to the needs of elite athletes and casual practitioners alike. 
  7. Gameness: Renowned for its dedication to quality and durability, Gameness has been a trusted name in BJJ clothing since its inception. From Gis to rash guards and shorts, Gameness’ products are designed to withstand the rigors of training while offering maximum comfort and mobility. With a focus on performance and reliability, Gameness remains a preferred choice among practitioners worldwide. 
  8. RVCA: Recognized for its distinctive style and streetwear-inspired designs, RVCA offers a range of BJJ clothing that combines functionality with fashion. From Gis to rash guards, RVCA’s apparel allows practitioners to express themselves both on and off the mat, making them a popular choice among enthusiasts seeking versatility and aesthetics.
  9. CTRL Industries: Established in 2009, CTRL Industries has carved a niche for itself with its unique designs and high-quality BJJ clothing and gear. From Gis to rash guards, CTRL Industries’ apparel stands out for its superior comfort, durability, and performance during training and competitions. With a focus on innovation and style, CTRL Industries continues to captivate practitioners worldwide. 
  10. Hyperfly: With a focus on innovation and performance, Hyperfly has emerged as a leading brand in the BJJ clothing industry since its inception in 2011. From Gis to rash guards and shorts, Hyperfly’s products are worn by top athletes worldwide, testament to their quality and durability. With a commitment to excellence, Hyperfly remains a preferred choice for practitioners seeking high-performance gear.

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Choosing the right BJJ clothing is essential for enhancing performance, comfort, and confidence on the mat. By considering factors such as material quality, fit, design, and durability, practitioners can select clothing that meets their specific needs and preferences. The top 10 BJJ clothing brands highlighted in this guide offer a diverse range of options to suit practitioners of all levels and styles. Whether you’re looking for stylish Gi designs, high-performance rash guards, or durable training shorts, these brands have you covered. Invest in quality BJJ clothing, and elevate your training to new heights!

FAQs about BJJ Clothing:

Q1. How many BJJ Gis should I own?

A: The number of BJJ Gis you should own depends on your training frequency. If you train multiple times a week, consider owning several Gis to ensure you always have a clean one available.

Q2. What material is best for BJJ clothing?

A: High-quality materials like cotton or polyester blends are ideal for BJJ clothing, offering durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.

Q3. Should I wear a rash guard under my Gi?

A: Wearing a rash guard under your Gi can provide added protection against friction and skin irritation, as well as help wick away sweat during intense training sessions.

Q4. Do all BJJ Gis shrink after washing?

A: Most BJJ Gis will shrink slightly after washing, especially if they’re made of cotton. To minimize shrinkage, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions carefully.

Q5. What should I look for in BJJ shorts?

A: When choosing BJJ shorts, prioritize comfort, durability, and mobility. Look for shorts with reinforced stitching, stretch panels, and adjustable waistbands for a snug yet comfortable fit.

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