Michael Bisping Bio

Michael Bisping Bio

Michael Bisping’s Sports Biography

Early career

At 9 years old, Michael Bisping began practicing jiu-jitsu, and at 15 he became seriously interested in so-called “fights without prohibited moves ” (note  cageside.ru  – Knock Down Sport Budo (KSBO)), another progenitor of MMA. Reaching maturity, the Briton decided to leave the martial arts, but a year later he was again involved in this sport. His choice fell on boxing, and later kickboxing, where he achieved his first major sporting achievements. The highest of these was winning the title of British light heavyweight champion among professionals. Very soon, the young Bisping had to leave the martial arts again, this time because of the low income they brought him. For several years, Michael very often changed the type of activity, from the postman to the seller.

T he Briton did not leave training, and having an impressive kickboxing experience behind him, he decided to try himself in mixed martial arts. On April 4, 2004, he made his professional debut in MMA, beating Steve Mathews in just thirty-eight seconds. In the next fight, he also easily finished John Weir, and liked Cage Rage, one of the most popular MMA organizations in Europe. In the first match in the Cage Rage, he won the champion title, defending him several times. Michael Bisping continued to compete in other promotions, winning champion titles in Cage Warriors and FX3.

UFC contract

The Briton who finishes his opponent behind his opponent could not be ignored, and in 2006 he became a participant in the regular season of The Ultimate Fighter. It was within this project that Michael caught the first wave of popularity, becoming not only the winner of the show, but also the brightest character in the project. After winning the final, bringing his professional record to 11-0, Michael became one of the most promising UFC fighters. Having won three more victories, Michael ran into UFC 78 with other TUF graduates – Rashad Evans, and for the first time lost, albeit with a split decision.

Five months later, he returned to UFC 83 and defeated Charles McCarthy, and after him victories over Jason Day and Chris Liben followed. It’s time to fight for the belt. Before the fight with Anderson Silva (approx.  Cageside.ru  – then UFC champion), Bisping had to meet with Dan Henderson at UFC 100. This fight changed the life of the “Count” forever, because he suffered a crushing knockout, which is still popular as one of the highlights in the history of sports.

In addition to the fact that Michael Bisping was tightly knocked out, he also lost the status of the prospectus, and the mess began with victories and defeats. The Briton very confidently managed the middle fighters, like Brian Stan and Kung Lee, but invariably inferior to those who were rated higher, like Cheyla Sonenna, Tim Kennedy and Luke Rokhold. So it was exactly until the moment when the British defeated CB Bi Dollovey, and then Tiles Leites.

Long-awaited championship 

The apogee of the sports career of “Graph” 2016 year . On February 27, at the next UFC event in the UK, Michael Bisping had to fight with Gegard Mussasi, but suddenly Anderson Silva literally flew into the card, removing the Dutchman from the main event of the evening. Finally, the Briton came face to face with Silva, whom he had been pursuing for ten years. To the surprise of many, Michael very confidently kept himself in a cage against the former champion, even sending him a knockdown. At the end of a twenty-five minute bout, Bisping was declared the winner of the battle. This triumph brought the British very close to the long-awaited title, but still did not guarantee him the right to fight for the belt.

Fortunately for Bisping, the planned rematch of Chris Weidman and Luke Rokhold at UFC 199 failed, and the challenger had to look for a replacement. And since the two main candidates for replacing Weidman – Zhakare Souza and Yoel Romero, for various reasons, refused to compete, Bisping finally got the opportunity to become a champion. He seized the opportunity by knocking out Luke Rokhold in the first round. The new champion, Bisping, did not postpone the first defense, having fought with a long-time offender – Dan Henderson at UFC 204, at the end of his career. The fight was very resonant and competitive, but still the judges were again more supportive of Bisping.

Interesting Facts:

Michael Bisping is the UFC record holder in the number of victories won. At the moment, there are 20 of them. He also shares the organization’s record with Frank Mir and Tito Ortiz in the total number of battles held in the Octagon (27). The Briton is the first non-American to win the Ultimate Fighter show, as well as the first English UFC champion. Michael Bisping is the UFC record breaker in terms of the number of accented punches, there are currently 1,533. Michael’s nickname – “The Count”, appeared because his grandfather was indeed a count in Poland .

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