John Jones Bio

John Jones Bio

Sports Biography of John Jones

Like many American fighters, John Jones began his sports career with college football and wrestling. But if the career of a football player was gone, then in the fight he achieved quite good results by becoming a college champion. Soon, John decided to leave school and devote himself to training. The future star of MMA broke into the world of mixed martial arts, like a hurricane. Debuting in April 2008 among professionals, four months later, Jones fought his first fight under the auspices of the UFC. Before the debut in the largest promotion of the world, John’s record consisted of six victories, with each of his duel ended early.

The talent of “Bony” was enough to continue successfully to disassemble its rivals at a new level. First, he beat Andre Gusmao and Stefan Bonnar, winning by unanimous decisions of the judges, and then forced Jake O’Brien to surrender. Ahead, John waited for a clash with more serious opponents. One of them was Matt Hamill, who at that time was already quite an experienced fighter, while maintaining the status of the prospectus. Despite the merits of his counterpart, Jones throughout the match tried to literally smudge his opponent. John desire was so strong that for a moment he forgot about the rules and put some forbidden elbowing an opponent on the face (hitting 180 degrees from top to bottom, the so-called bumps 12-6 – approx. It was these blows that decided the fate of the battle; Hamill was declared the winner, as Jones was disqualified for breaking the rules. That defeat, in fact, not even being a defeat, remains to this day the only fiasco in the Bones fighting career.


The way to championship and total domination

Further, the career of the young avenue went like clockwork. John Jones continued to use his elbows, but he did it more carefully, progressing from battle to battle and not forgetting to expand his arsenal. The results were not long in coming. At first, not veterans were destroyed then, but very strong TOPs – Vladimir Matyushenko and Brandon Vera, and then got another bright avenue with a zero in the “defeat” column – Ryan Beider. Finally, Johnny achieved a title fight. In three rounds of the fight against the then UFC light heavyweight champion, one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet, Mauricio Rua, Jones demonstrated how great his talent is, as the Brazilian was simply crushed by a young American.
After the triumphant performance against the “Shogun”, title defenses followed, in which Johnny defeated one after the other indisputable TOPs and former champions. Jones has come down as defeated: former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort, as well as a two-time contender for UFC middleweight champion Cheil Sonnen.
In the middle of 2013, it was already obvious to everyone that Jones is one of the best, if not the best fighter in the world, regardless of weight categories, and finding a worthy opponent is not an easy task. But this was found, he became a Swede Alexander Gustafsson, who, not at all shy before the titled opponent, managed to inflict as much damage on Jones as he did not receive in his entire career. But this is still not enough. All three judges were on the side of the American athlete. Seven months later, John Jones spent another defense of the belt, easily defeating Glover Teixeira by decision.

Last fights and trial

In UFC 178 in August 2014, an invincible champion and Daniel Cormier , the top heavyweight, went down to the division below. Due to the injury of Bones, the fight was moved to UFC 182. The battle was preceded by a long history of opposition outside the octagon, ranging from simple verbal exchanges to the famous fight at one of the press conferences . Mutual hatred emanating from the fighters, gave hope that the fight will become a real war. In fact, John Jones smashed and overcame Daniel Cormier, winning a unanimous decision.

Perhaps, after such a Victoria in the light heavyweight division, there was only one TOP fighter who had not yet met with Jones. This athlete was Anthony Johnson, a former heavyweight and middleweight, who finally found his own balance in weight categories. An in-person meeting between Jones and Johnson was scheduled for UFC 187. But, unfortunately, the lifestyle of the champion still influenced his sports career. First, Jones was convicted of cocaine use, and then he drove into his car with a pregnant woman, broke his arm and ran away from the scene. This mayhem of the UFC leadership did not suffer and stripped Jones of the champion’s belt. In addition, “Bonsu” was threatened with a real prison sentence. But, fortunately for American fans, by his behavior and merit, he achieved leniency from the court and, finally, he could return to battle.

While the light heavyweight king was not on the throne, his title was taken over by a longtime rival, Daniel Cormier. The DX and Jones revenge was assigned to UFC 197, but Cormier dropped out of the fight due to injury. He was replaced by Obins St. Prue – the average fighter who has collected a good move. The winner of this fight became the interim UFC light heavyweight champion. John Jones extremely easily coped with Obins, although many complained about the “not impressive” form of the ex-champion. However, Jones dominated for twenty-five minutes and won.

Doping scandal

The new date of revenge was the ninth of July – the date of the UFC 200 anniversary tournament. Jones and Cormier were supposed to put an end to their confrontation, but again other circumstances interfered with the events. Jones failed the doping test and was not allowed to fight. He was disqualified for one year. Charges of doping Jones denied, saying that illicit drugs could somehow end up in ordinary food additives. Apparently, the results of the investigation of the commission of the United States Anti-Doping Agency coincided with the version of Jones, so this summer he will be able to re-enter the octagon, having served a suspension in one year. Interesting Facts:

Interesting Facts:

The largest number of title defenses in the UFC light heavyweight history is 8; The largest number of victories in the UFC light heavyweight history is 16; The largest number of victories in a row in the history of the light heavyweight UFC – 13; Twice “Fighter of the Year” according to the World MMA Awards (2011, 2012); The youngest champion in UFC history – at the time of winning the title fight, Jones was 23 years and 242 days old. John Jones has the largest arm span among all UFC fighters – 215 cm; Jones did not qualify for a TUF as a fighter, as he was still too young. However, he was able to become part of the 17th season of the show, but already as a coach.

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