How Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Work?

How Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Work?

As Brazilian jiu jitsu finds its way into the mainstream martial arts, those who are not familiar with it are finding themselves wondering just how Brazilian jiu jitsu works. What is it all about? What sets it apart from other martial arts? Is it difficult to learn? When is Brazilian jiu jitsu best applied? There are a few things that set Brazilian jiu-jitsu apart from other martial arts and make it unique, and that is known as positional strategy.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, the position that you are in and how it relates to your opponent is crucial. In Brazilian jiu jitsu, the first step is to get into a certain position, and after that, one can finish the fight. A positional strategy is more effective than other sorts of fighting styles, such as those found in karate or kickboxing. Initially, it was created as a way to promote self-defense in the streets and was designed to be the safest and most effective manner to stop an attack from a stronger, larger assailant. After many different testing procedures, the creators of Brazilian jiu jitsu determined that fighting most often ends up on the ground, and controlling an opponent is easier once a dominant position has been achieved. This is what is known as positional dominance.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, the matches include each fighter attempting to get the dominant position over their fighting partner. It is sought after because holding a dominant position means that leverage and gravity are almost always on your side. Furthermore, you’re safer this way, as it is harder for the opponent to fight or put leverage against you in their submissive position. There is usually a transition period in Brazilian jiu jitsu as well where neither of the fighters has an established position and neither one is dominant. The goal in that situation is to end in a dominant position when the positions are changed. Great fighters are able to seamlessly move between positions and end up confusing their opponents to the point where they become too inefficient and cannot react quickly enough to take a dominant position.

The basic formula of a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi fight starts with taking the partner to the ground using a takedown or throw action. Once that is done, the fighters attempt to transition into a more dominant position. When that is accomplished, the fighter in the dominant position tries to get the other grappler into a more submissive position that they have to yield to, either by strangling, applying a chokehold or a joint block. The fighter in the inferior position needs to try and get the upper hand again.

Brazilian jiu jitsu gi is a sport and fighting style that truly began in 1914 and has continued to evolve ever sense. There are basics for this sport, and then there many powerful, superior dominant moves that can be learned to keep improving style. Whatever way you choose to grapple, Brazilian jiu jitsu can make a difference in your life.


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