Biography of Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson began his sporting life in early childhood. He was seriously interested in basketball, wrestling and American football. Having concentrated forces on the last discipline, he decided to move further in this direction. However, Ferguson did not achieve serious success in the football field and, relying on wrestling experience, decided to try his hand at mixed martial arts. Tony has earned Black Belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu from Eddie Bravo. 

On the twelfth of April 2008, Tony made his debut in MMA. “Having finished” his opponent in the second round, he continued his speeches, conquering parochial organizations. It is worth noting that at the dawn of his professional career, Ferguson met with Joe Schilling, a dangerous drummer whom Tony gave in the second round. Having scored a 4-0 record, Ferguson came face to face with Karen Darabedian, who suffered his first career loss. This failure was not reflected in the mood of “El Kukui”, so he returned to the winning track and scored six more victories with one defeat.

A bright finisher with a spectacular style of fighting (Ferguson won 9 out of 10 victories in the first 12 battles in his career ahead of time – note could not help but attract the attention of the UFC. He participated in the thirteenth season of the show The Ultimate Fighter. Ruthlessly dealt with all rivals, including the finalist Ramsey Nij. The victory brought a contract with the UFC and Tony Fergstal a full fighter of the best promotion of the world. Despite the fact that at the TUF the American won the tournament in 170 pounds, he chose lightweight for regular appearances in the UFC.

Tony Ferguson in the UFC 

The fighter did not think to stop there, and in the next two fights Aaron Riley and Eyves Edwards fell from his hands. The fourth bout under the UFC banner was Ferguson against another prospect – Michael Johnson, and lost to him by unanimous decision. But as practice shows, defeats do not demoralize, but motivate El Kukui. Since the fight with Johnson (and he was held on the fifth of May of 2012), Tony Ferguson won ten victories in a row. The list of those who were beaten by an American included: Mike Rio, Katsunori Kikuno, Danny Castillo, Abel Trujillo, Glaison Tibau, Josh Thomson, Edson Barbosa, Lando Vannata, Rafael Dos Anos and Kevin Lee.

After Tony had dealt with Thomson, they began to perceive him as a real threat to the light division fighters, and Victoria over Barbosa and Dos Anjos only strengthened Ferguson’s status as one of the main candidates for a title fight. After another unsuccessful attempt to reduce “El Kukui” and Habib Nurmagomedov, the UFC decided to bring together Tony and Kevin Lee. The fight was headed by UFC 216, which was held on October 7, 2017, and a temporary champion belt was on the line. Ferguson won the fight by strangulation in the third round.

Ferguson – Nurmagomedov: history of confrontation

Tony Ferguson and Habib Nurmagomedov tried to organize the fight in 2015 at the TUF 22 Finale tournament, but it was canceled due to a rib injury at the Russian fighter. Before the fight, there was no special tension between the fighters, but everything changed very soon. Ferguson began to resent the fact that the Russian fighter is above him in the ratings, despite constant injuries, and Habib spoke unflatteringly about an American in his interviews.
The second attempt to organize the fight of the fighters took place at the UFC on FOX 19. Fight Ferguson -Nurmagomedov was to lead the event, and his winner to become the main contender in lightweight. This time the fight broke down due to the health of the American.

The third fight, in which a temporary champion belt was at stake, was to lead UFC 209 last April. During the promotion between the athletes, a real war broke out. Hot interviews and fiery tweets got into the info field of the world of MMA every other day. This time the fight broke at the last moment. On the day of the weigh-in, Habib Nurmagomedov was hospitalized due to severe cracking.

The fourth and at the moment the last attempt to bring together the best lightweight division in the octagon should have happened at the UFC 223 tournament. Habib and Tony could lead the tournament, and the title of undisputed promotion champion was at stake. However, a week before the fight, evil fate again intervened. Tony Ferguson was injured while fulfilling media commitments. He spun around in one of the studios’ bodies, stumbled over a cable in a dark corridor, and tore a bundle of his knee. As a result, “El Kukui withdrew from the tournament, and his replacement was Al Iaquinta

Interesting Facts:

  • Tony Ferguson – Michigan champion in wrestling among schoolchildren (2000, 2001 and 2003).
  • The champion of the National Wrestling Association at the college level in 2006 and 2007.
  • Pure Combat welterweight promotion champion. 
  • Winner of the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter. 
  • His acting winning streak of 10 fights is the longest in the division. 
  • Tony received 8 bonuses for his performances. Three bonuses for the fight in the evening, one for the knockout and submission of the evening, and three for the best performance of the evening. 
  • Before becoming a professional fighter, Ferguson worked in many areas, but most of all he liked being a bartender.

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