When it comes to buying the right BJJ Gi for you, there are a number of different factors to consider. You want to get something that is going to be comfortable and strong without being oppressive and hot, but something that is stylish as well. When Brazilian jiu jitsu first started, there were very few options for clothing, leaving you with minimum choices when it came to style and size. Now, there are almost so many options that it can be hard to find which one is best for you.

Fit Is Important

Whether you prefer baggy or slim cut, shorter or longer cut-it doesn’t matter. You need to find the right one for you and go with it. If you want to find one that is legal for tournaments, the restriction on the fit and cut is different, but if you’re shopping for simple training, find the cut that is not too tight in the pants or back and ones that are not too tight in the sleeves.


Find the Right Fabric

Some people like rough, stiff fabrics while others prefer softer, smoother ones. Find the one you like best and go with it. It is important to keep in mind that fabrics made from raw materials will end up shrinking over time, so choose your size accordingly depending on the type of material.


Proper Reinforcement Is Key

Your Gi need to be reinforced in places that often experience the most wear and tear. This includes reinforced stitching around the knees, underarms, thighs, chest and side openings. The color needs to be resistant and durable, too, while still being comfortable.

Black Gi

Express Individuality with Design

The design is great because you need to feel good about what it is you are wearing both in its style and in its comfort. Find one that expresses who you are with a totally unique one full of detail and decoration, or go for a plain, standard one if you want to communicate that you are there to get the job done.

White Gi

Durability Counts

You also need to think whether you prefer to get a heavier Gi that will last a long time or you’d rather get a lighter one that you will have to cycle out more. If you want to change it up once in a while, you don’t need to spend so much on a heavy-duty Gi; opt for something cheaper but still nice.

Comfort Is Crucial

Finally, if you’re not comfortable in your Gi, you won’t perform at your best. Find something that you know is going to fit well and allow you to move around with ease as your training depends on it.
No matter how often you train or what your personal preferences are, having the right Bjj is key if you want to perform at your best either during training or competition. Keep your eye on these tips when you shop for your new BJJ Gi in order to take home the best possible one for you.