Black Bjj Duffel Bag And Bjj Gear Bag


  • Cordura Material – Water repellent
  • Mesh Panel For Smooth Air Flow
  • Triple Stitching
  • Cotton pearl weave 450 GSM
  • Strong Zippers & Drawstrings
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Black BJJ Duffel Bag and BJJ Gear Bag

🎒 The Black BJJ Duffel Bag and BJJ Gear Bag is designed to meet the needs of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, providing ample storage space and durability to carry all your BJJ gear in style. Made from high-quality Cordura material, this bag is water repellent, ensuring your gear stays dry even in wet conditions. Its sleek black design exudes a professional and modern look.

⚡️ Key Features:

Cordura Material – Water Repellent: Crafted from Cordura material, this bag offers excellent durability and water repellency. It is designed to withstand the rigors of training, travel, and everyday use, keeping your gear protected from the elements.

🌬️ Mesh Panel for Smooth Air Flow: The bag features a strategically placed mesh panel that promotes air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and unpleasant odors. This ensures your gear remains fresh and dry, even after intense training sessions.

🧵 Triple Stitching: The Black BJJ Duffel Bag and BJJ Gear Bag is reinforced with triple stitching in key areas, enhancing its overall strength and longevity. This robust construction ensures that the bag can withstand heavy loads and frequent use without compromising its integrity.

👕 Cotton Pearl Weave 450 GSM: The interior of the bag is lined with a premium cotton pearl weave material, known for its softness and durability. This lining provides a gentle touch to your belongings while keeping them protected from scratches or other damage.

🔒 Strong Zippers & Drawstrings: Equipped with heavy-duty zippers and drawstrings, this bag ensures secure closure and easy access to your gear. The sturdy construction of the zippers guarantees smooth operation, while the drawstrings allow you to adjust the bag’s opening size to accommodate different items.

The Black BJJ Duffel Bag and BJJ Gear Bag is the perfect companion for BJJ enthusiasts who value functionality, durability, and style. With its innovative features and sturdy construction, this bag ensures that your gear remains organized, protected, and ready for action whenever you need it.


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Product features:

  • Cotton pearl weave 450 GSM
  • Cotton twill fabric for pant
  • Back reinforcement
  • Hem strength with tap reinforcement
  • Eva collar
  • Side bent
  • Inner sleeve and knee reinforcement,
  • Pre-shrunk,
  • Reactive dyed
  • Azo-free process
  • Triple stitching